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My Coffee Experience Wrap-up

For the past few months, I have tried many different types and flavors of coffee. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post explaining how I view different coffees now, compared to how I viewed... Continue Reading →

Instant Coffee?

Now all the coffee's I've reviewed have been either manually brewed or brewed by a machine. However this excludes a type of coffee that a lot of people drink. As I'm sure you can guess from the title, the coffee... Continue Reading →

Weekly Brew 04/07

Today I decided that I would try another cold coffee, and ordered Starbuck's Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. As described by Starbucks, the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is, "Slow-steeped custom blend Narino 70 cold brew is topped with a... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Hangout Drink

One of my all time favorite TV shows is Friends, and I absolutely love how on the show they all hangout at a local coffee shop, named Central Perk. The idea of a group of friends getting together to talk,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Brew 03/27

As I'm sure most of you have noticed, all of my weekly brews have been hot coffees. However, today was very warm and spring is in the air, so I decided to try my very first frappuccino! As I was... Continue Reading →

Weekly Brew 3/24

Today I went into Starbucks thinking that I would try my very first frappuccino, but instead their advertisement worked and I ended up ordering their Lightly Sweet Chai Tea Latte. Starbucks describes their Lightly Sweet Chai Tean Latte as, "A... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Love Coffee?

Unfortunately this past weekend has been super stressful and I haven't had time to go try a new flavor of coffee. However, I did notice that as my weekend got busier and more stressful, I started craving a good cup... Continue Reading →

The French Press

Before I start this blog post I figured I'd share with you guys that I went and bought another Strawberry White Mocha! Besides black coffee, I've never bought the same coffee twice, which goes to show just how amazing the... Continue Reading →

The Strawberry White Mocha

So today I decided to mix things up and rather than going to Starbucks, I went to the Joe Muggs in Books A Million. When I looked at the menu, the thing that instantly caught my eye was the Strawberry... Continue Reading →

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